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5 reasons why you should be vacationing at Vail this year

With more than 5000 acres of skiable terrain, Vail is home to one of the largest single mountain resorts in the country. Planning Ski holidays Vail will give advantage of roaming around Beaver Creek, Eagles Nest Wilderness Area and the Holy Cross Wilderness Area too as they lie in the near vicinity. Apart from those places, there are tons of things that Vail offers solely. In this post, we will list them out. Stay tuned!

  1. The mountain lodge: – With more than 27 rooms to retreat, the Vail Mountain Lodge provides every ounce of comfort to its visitors. After all, a day full of snowboarding, skiing and other recreational activities demands a lot of comfort. Fire camps, fully equipped kitchens, spas, condominiums and what not; are the hallmark of the Vail Mountain Lodge. Highly recommended from SkiersPlanet.
  1. Skiing: – Vail is probably known for skiing. It offers the third largest ski mountain in North America and is located right at the heart of the national forests which in itself span over a whopping 3,50,000 acres. The trails for all beginners, intermediates and advanced skier’s spans overs 250. The back bowls are a wide open terrain that offers a challenging skiing ride for all levels.
  1. The vibe of the natives: – Native people are very welcoming of the tourists. A place where everyone would want to be after a tiring and eventful day session. Outdoor street concerts, the buzz, shopping, street foods and what not; the exuberance of life is utterly displayed here.
  1. Wine and dine: – Delectable and sumptuous meal is all you need for your body after a tiring session from skiing and snowboarding. The price is affordable and the diversity of culinary is exemplary. Some of the locals, such asMountain Standardoffers wood-fired fare in an open setting under the sky.
  1. Beaver Creek Resort: – And lastly, why not take advantage of the nearby and equally exotic ski resort. The Beaver Creek Resort is located just 14 miles from the west of Vail, Colorado and offers stupendous amenities for skiing and snowboarding lodging just like its Vail counterparts. It has nearly 2000 acres of skiable terrains and offer a wide range of contemporary atmosphere along with plenty of diverse outings for wine and food. It is important to note however, that Beaver Creek opens its slopes in November and the vacationing goes on till April. The pricing is nearly around $100 and $80 for the children. 

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