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Here is a List of Places You Can Visit during Your Day Trip in Copenhagen

When you are travelling to Copenhagen, you are exposing yourself to many adventures in the busy city centers like castles, parks, museums, and quaint villages that can be easily reached by any public mode of transportation, even by boats in merely 90 minutes or less. So, if you are planning a day tour in Copenhagen while staying in the hotel apartments in Copenhagen holiday, here are the places you should visit.

  1. Helsingør

This adorable seaside town is based on the northeastern coast of Denmark which is 45 minutes away by train from Copenhagen. You will also see the Kronborg Castle that served as an inspiration for Elsinore in Hamlet. This place was transformed into an amazing Renaissance Castle in the 1500s by King Fredrik II in order to collect dues from the ships and to showcase his wealth and power. Today, the visitors can tour these royal apartments among other things under the castle. You can also stroll in Helsingør town and in the cathedrals of Sankt Mariæ and Sankt Olai.

  1. Roskilde

This place was once deemed the capital of Denmark and a prosperous town for the Vikings as well as the seat of the monarchy. If you love history, know that Roskilde is loaded with a wealth of history to be explored. You will find 5 ships which are a thousand years old. They have also been recreated as sea going vessels made with the help of original materials and techniques. Roskilde Cathedral was made in the year of 1275 and was an abode to 39 Danish kings and queens. This cathedral showcases a soaring nave and many chapels are decorated with the sarcophagi.

  1. Dyrehaven

There is a huge nature reserve with forests, fields and trails found in Dyrehaven which is located 20 minutes away from Copenhagen. If you want to spend time in nature by strolling, biking or picnicking with horseback riding and carriage rides, head to Dyrehaven. The parks are also an abode to the wild deer. In the warmer months, take a tour of Hermitage. Also visit Bakken which is the world’s oldest amusement park.

  1. Hillerød

A legendary king of Denmark named King Christian IV took a castle in the early 17th century and transformed it into a Renaissance themed royal residence. The Nordic Versailles or Frederiksborg Slot became the Danish National History Museum in the year 1878. The castle is on a lake has beautiful Baroque garden and is fascinating.

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